COVID-19 UPDATE (8/24/20)

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COVID-19 UPDATE (8/24/20)


1.     All services are available.

2.     We are limiting each appointment to ONE PERSON per pet. It is not safe for multiple people, especially children, to accompany pets into our facility.

3.     Masks or similar facial coverings are REQUIRED to be worn by all clients entering our facility. Our staff will continue to wear masks. Dual masks during your pet’s visit will increase the safety of both the client and our Hillside Team.

4.     For clients that do not have a mask and/or do not wish to enter our facility, CURBSIDE SERVICE IS STILL AVAILABLE. Simply call us upon your arrival.

5.     There will be a ONE-WAY flow through the front door, into an exam room, and exiting through the side door on the north end of our lobby.

6.     Social distancing in our lobby is REQUIRED. Thankfully, several clients can safely wait in our spacious lobby while adhering to the six (6) foot distancing recommendations.

7.     Please DO NOT enter our facility if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, suspected of having COVID-19, been exposed to someone with COVID-19, are sick/unhealthy, have a fever, or disagree with the requirements above.



1.     For scheduled appointments: Upon arrival, we will attempt to direct clients to an exam room ASAP. After providing an exam room assistant with the appropriate history and concerns, your pet will be examined by the doctor in our isolated treatment area. The client is to remain in the exam room. After the examination, findings, recommendations and treatment will be discussed and performed. Clients will be checked out in the exam room and exit through the side door. A comprehensive exam report dictated by the doctor will be emailed upon completion of the visit.

2.     For scheduled surgical patients: After providing history and signing consent documentation, surgical pets will be taken directly to our surgical ward. We will maintain contact throughout the day and release patients as normal.

3.     Drop off appointments are available if necessary. When scheduling, please tell our receptionist if you wish to leave your pet with us for an examination and treatment. Again, a comprehensive exam report dictated by the doctor will be emailed upon completion of the visit.

4.     For food and prescription refills, we encourage clients to call upon arrival and remain in their vehicles. We can complete the transaction over the phone, and a staff member can bring food and medication refills to your car.

5.     For existing clients and pets with minor issues, we may be able to assess and prescribe treatment over the phone without a visit. This is especially true if the pet has been examined recently.



1.     Please do not arrive early for your appointment.

2.     When your pet enters the exam room, you will be asked to remove your pet’s leash. We will use our own slip lead.

3.     For prescriptions, medication refills, and food purchases, please give us 24 hours’ notice. Upon your arrival, please call and we will bring the medication out to your car.

4.     An automatic, touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is available adjacent to the main lobby door. Hand sanitizer is also available at the front desk. Please use it.

5.     We have CLOSED the bathroom for public use.

6.     We have removed books, literature, and magazines from our lobby.

7.     We have removed the candy bowl. Sorry.

8.     Our staff is continuing to disinfect exam rooms between appointments and common surfaces throughout the clinic are disinfected every hour.

9.     If you are in a high-risk group, over 70, immuno-compromised, or have other disease processes that will increase your risk of contracting an illness, we strongly encourage you to stay home or utilize our curbside service.


As things change or other measures are required we will post them here. We plan to ride out this national emergency and will do everything that we can to ensure that you, your pets, and our staff are safe. If you have any questions, please call our office. We are here to help. (740) 392-6891.

Thank you,

Dr. Dubusky, Dr. Wise, and the Staff of Hillside Veterinary Clinic #lovingexpertcare